Once up on a time, a long time ago in a far far far away galaxy known as Germany on Disco Planet named Berlin, two souls colided to staple the flag of House Music on it’s inhabitance and create a new world out of the old world exsistance. These two souls would embark on a project so immence, that it shattered the old structure of music on that planet and disrupted the very fabric of their essence. DJ Tyree Cooper and DJ Bobby Starrr are no strangers to the exploration of new music cultures. Collectively they have been involved in the music business for well over 47 years and show no signs of slowing down. DJ Tyree Cooper has contributed to music industry since the beginning of House Music back in 1986. His contributions has resulted in a new genre being born called “Hip House” a genre that crosses Hip Hop and House where a MC is heavily connected to the DJ and the audience. That birth resulted in numerous hits such as “Turn UpThe Bass”, Hardcore Hip House, and “Groove You Out Tonight”, all where top ten media chart hits and club hits. Since making a name for himself as a producer he has been never left the Technic 1200’s alone. Djing at some of the hottest clubs in the world such as Ministry Of Sound U K, Trouw Club Amsterdam, Roots United St.Petersberg Russia,Tresor Berlin, and Panorama Bar Berlin. DJ Bobby Starrr having had a quality education in the deeper end of the music industry via an Independent Music Company in his  mother country of Great Britain. There, there was several mind numbing experiences of energies that sent his soul into the understanding of House Music. From his starting point, Co-Promoting an underground club night called `Meltdown´ in his home town of Wolverhampton in which he crafted together a collage of various deeper electronics vibes, hence him moving out of his comfort zone and moving his soul to Vienna, Austria to focus on developing as an artist,as well as keeping up his DJ skills because it’s his personal passion . Since being based in Central Europe since ´99 he´s been pushing his style of Positivity based music into the forward thinking cities of Copenhagen, Vienna, Berlin, Paris. While residing in Berlin since 2006 , DJ Bobby Starrr has been consistantly working music projects for Chicago based labels such as LeFreQ Recordings, Loft 66 and Minimalism. 2007 began great and the timing was just  right because, he found himself Djing in the opening week of the new Tresor Berlin, and from there he befriended  Chicago Legend Tyree Cooper and he would  later produce a E.P “Go Go Sabartini” and a digital 12 inch release “Defender Of The Faith” for his label Supa Dupa Records. So from early 2008 the house connection was being made. They knew they would need a name that would be easy to remember and secondly a name that would truly represent their musical exploration, so the name “Jack The Box” was introduced. From the infant days of one off parties at Tape Club Berlin featuring Mike Dunn and  other house dignitaries they knew it was the beginning of something very unique. In 2009 they would implement their plan to secure some type of residency, but it was to no avail the city wasn’t ready for the sound they were about to unfold. So one of the first thing they did in 2010 was host a weekly Wednesday show called `Jack The Box Radio´ on www.sweatlodgeradio.com,   and this would be the catalsyt to the start of their conquest. Once they had the radio locked in and thousands of listeners joining in everyweek they knew that they would need to play more in Berlin. The next thing they did was look for other locations, so with help of Peter Power they got a night at a up and coming bar/disco called “Kleine Reise” where they would cater to a very reseptive audience . While their time there was only a year long they have had some very impressive guests like A Guy Called Gerald, Nick V-Mona Club Paris. Danny Rampling U K Legend. In the time being away from Kleine Reise they would host one off night at bar/clubs in Berlin like  Farbfernseher -Berlin Kreuzberg, S.K. Robinson -Berlin Kreuzberg, and Yuma Bar-Berlin NeuKöln. When 2011 came they were already to go with a brand new location called “Loftus Hall” in Berlin NeuKöln and there they would continue to push the boundries of House once again with the assistance of fellow DJ’s such as DJ Harri- Sub Club Glascow, Filippo Moscatello- Cookies Berlin Mitte, Klas Lindblad– Moodmusic Berlin, just to name a few who’ve loaned their respective skills on those nights. Now in 2012 the “Jack The Box” crew has covered much ground since 2007 they are now engaging more into the fabric of Berlin Nightlife. They now have a permenant monthly residency at the world famous Tresor Club Berlin where they have had an array of DJ’s who have crossed the threshold with likes of Mr. K Alexi- Chicago. Rob Mello- U K, Frankie Valentine, U K, Terrence Parker– Detroit, and Farley Jackmaster Funk- Chicago. Along with the monthly residency at tresor Club Berlin they also have bi-monthly at Kater Holzig Berlin, where they showcase known artists like Eric D. Clark- San Francisco, Matt Flores- Dusseldorf Germany, Dole & Kom- Berlin Germany, and also up and coming artists like DJ Upi from Helsinki Finland, and Joost  Dulac Amsterdam Holland. For the next part of the exploration the duo have linked up to Berlin based Moodmusic to release a 12 inch vinyl called Jack The Box presents “The Tyree Cooper and Bobby Starrr E.P”, which will be the first single from the forthcoming album Jack The Box present  “Side A”….


Jack the Box – The way we walk (Official Video)


Have some Fun (feat. Isis Salam)

Jack the Box

Once up on a time, a long time ago in a far far far away galaxy known as Germany on Disco Planet named Berlin, two souls colided to staple the flag of House Music on it’s inhabitance and create a new world out of the old world exsistance.