1. Sugar on the bed 2:45

After spending 6 years living the notorious Berlin club scene, the Israeli DJ and producer Danny Kotz decided that it was the perfect time to get back to his homeland. The year was 2012 and the Berlin dark and gloomy experiences left him with a few scars. Based on them, a new expressive need started to boil inside Danny and he found himself experimenting in a completely new field: songwriting.

As an art form that tends to lay down in internal coping mechanisms, for Danny, this resulted in an accumulation of written songs. But they were not yet there…something was missing.

Fast forward to January 2019, and back in Berlin, Danny was searching for other artists to share his studio space. While searching for the perfect “partners in crime” he met Stefano Di Puma (aka Berryfeels), an Italian singer and multi-instrumentalist also based in this city.

The click between Kotz and Di Puma happened while the first asked for feedback on his songs. Both joined forces and started working on “You & High”, the debut De Wolt EP.

The foundation for De Wolt was set.

A year and a half passed and while running Hypernatural.Berlin live show, Bobby Starrr (Danny and Stefano’s label partner) invited João Neves (aka The Snow Boy) to showcase Sensi Guitar and Sensi M. At the time João was just back in Berlin and searching for musical projects where he could apply his inventions and find a creative escape for his “geeky tech side”.

The motto was set and the timing was perfect. Danny and Stefano were searching for a third member to break the 50/50 of the creative process. A multi-instrumentalist with experience in the electronic fields like João was perfect for the role.

After the first jam with Danny and another with Danny and Stefano, the unconventional guitar approach, together with the synths and the techiness of João quickly led to the invitation to join De Wolt.

Out of this 2021 band formation comes the De Wolt mark II with “Our Love is Gone” the second EP from the forthcoming Debut LP.


Go with the Wind (live@studio)


Danny Kotz @ Watergate


You and High


Music Hunters

De Wolt

De Wolt is the 3 piece band based in Neukölln, Berlin featuring the members, Danny Kotz, João Neves and Stefano Di Puma aka Berryfeels. Combining hand built music products and found on the street vintage keyboards, their sound takes you back to the birth of Atari gaming while simultaneously pogoing in the middle of a sweaty Kreuzberger moshpit.