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About Hypernatural Recordings

Our main drive is to BRING BACK THE FUN into our own artistic world through TRANSPARENCY COMBINED WITH INDEPENDENCE.

Our Mission

We provide the solution for boosting artists career by showcasing, releasing and promoting music, tech and other art forms.

We offer transparent payment model based on micro payments resulting in faster money flow. With the 360° Management deal flipped inside out we invite the artists to take back the power in decisions related to their own work.

Our Story

Starting with the organic community building HYPERNATURAL.SHOW with the aim to showcase musical, visual and technological performances. A show about music, art and tech produced in Berlin, live-streamed once a month. It is exposing the clashes and overlaps of different perspectives in approach, style and experience, focusing on closing the gap between different artistic visions, while passing on the free wisdom of experiences, which contributes to building our own ECOSYSTEM & EXTENDED FAMILY UNIT.

To support the ecosystem we soon after launched HYPERNATURAL.RECORDINGS to release the music and multimedia projects from inside our own counterculture movement. It is about artists rethinking the trust between Labels and creators by collaborating together to give a perfect test case. Along that it also supports the show’s collaborations by releasing the music & multimedia projects. The main drive is to bring back the fun into our own artistic world through TRANSPARENCY COMBINED WITH INDEPENDENCE. Today we are on the doorstep of creating the HYPERNATURAL.EVENT, a MULTIDIMENSIONAL
EXPERIENCE that will revolutionise the live events as we know it.