Press Release

GRISE AGENCY & Hypernatural Recordings – Press Update (01/04/2021)
Artist: JACK THE BOX (Tyree Cooper & Bobby Starrr) feat. Isis Salam
Title: HAVE SOME FUN + remixes
Format: Digital
Label: Hypernatural Recordings / Berlin, Germany
Release Date: 20th April 2021

Contact: Jens Nicolao – GRISE AGENCY –


Jack The Box is the DJ and House music production collaboration of Tyree Cooper
and Bobby Starrr.

`HAVE SOME FUN ́, is the first track from the Autumn falling Jack The box LP `SIDE B ́.
Following on from last November ́s HEAT Remixes, this time around this four tracker is a straight-up-no-chaser Hip-House anthem for those who stand up for the joys of cannabis culture. With the whole world opening up to the benefits of THC & CBD, it’s time to put down your alcohol and spark up a joint and think where we are all going after Covid19 is over. This twisted humourful vocal collaboration brings Jack The Box together with Canada ́s very own Mary Jane loving Queen of Comedy and Musical funkiness, Isis Salam. With both Tyree and Isis flowing freestyle raps over the joys of toking while hanging out with friends the forthcoming Neukölln / Kreuzberg filmed Music Video of `HAVE SOME FUN ́ will complete the visual picture with Balloons and Spider Man included for a specially infused Herbalised trip into HipHouse!

Have Some fun – Radio Mix & DJ Vocal Mix
This is a piece of hedonistic THC fuelled Disco-House with a callout to all the Mary Jane smoking Headz who know what’s up and what time it is, 420! 808 & 909 beats rolled up into an infused rhythm section with infectiously warm horn stabs and a filtered guitar loop to bring the party together for a ride they won’t forget, lets have some fun!!

Have Some fun – Monguito Mix
Fresh studio recorded live latin Percussions combines with bubbling MS20 baselines under the boogaloo organ groove of `Have Some Fun ́, giving a respectful nodding of their heads to the Cuban maestro Ramón “Mongo” Santamaría Rodríguez – Rest in power Mongo, your music lives
on and on in their hearts, ¡esto es para ti!

Have Some fun – Mango Haze Mix
With the mix named after a favourite strain of cannabis, this can only mean the sound is more spaced out than the others, this could be true for the lovers of the `Back to Mine ́ series while chilling on a sofa at home but the re-tweaking of the Latin Percussions, adding extra synthlines and subbase to the pot, makes this mix groove away on all dancefloors, open airs, beaches and pool parties too.
Says Bobby Starrr:
“The original `HAVE SOME FUN ́ session came together at the time of our Boiler Room gig at
Stattbad Wedding back in 2014. We got together at my studio with the windows fully open and
sunlight flowing through the room, Tyree and Isis wrote the hook line on the spot, personally I
100% remember Isis hitting her flow soo well that her verses were freestyled and recorded in one
take… no messing around!”
Says Tyree Cooper:
“As a pot smoking loving human being and one of the Godfathers of Hip-house, this track is all
about love, our sister Isis throws down and flows unlike many others, we are truly blessed that
through these hard ass times we can still focus our energies and come together while listening to
James Brown live at the Apollo. Now where’s that grinder at…”
Hypernatural Recordings releases HAVE SOME FUN on Tuesday 20th April 2021 digitally.

Company Profile Hypernatural Recordings

Started in December 2019 in the hip Neukölln area of Germany’s Hauptstadt Berlin, Hypernatural Recordings was born out of the mothership project Moving to Zebralution for International distribution in spring 2020, the label is growing its own multicultural family of collaborating Artists inside and outside the world of House music and currently on its 9th release the future looks like a solid platform to move forward even during these uncertain times. 2021’s release schedule is 90% full and includes the forthcoming debut De Wolt LP, the 2nd Jack the Box LP and the eagerly awaited follow up single by Dickey Doo + Jamecia Bennett of Sounds of Blackness plus new EPs from Bobby Starrr, Mamasweed and De Wolt too, bringing the best in Berlin House & hipster Disco music for 2021 and beyond.





Hip Hop & Afropop Artist Isis Salam is known for her soulful and honest display of affection in her art, respected by her fans and peers for her integrity and versatility, always bringing boundless amounts of energy on stage.
Kicking off her career in 2008 as part of the Canadian Electro-Rap duo THUNDERHEIST, Isis brought a singular and radical sound to the electronic music scene, resulting in breakthrough performances and collaborations in Soul, EDM and Hip Hop anthems with legends such as, Junky XL, Noreaga, Pharrell Williams, Subb-an and LeftWing & Kody.
After her single release of “Let Go” with deep house label Exploited Records featuring German Duo Kruse & Nuernberg, ISIS SALAM continued exciting the crowds at some of Europe’s top music festivals such as MELT, SONAR, ADE and BREAD & BUTTER. Having found her way into the heart of the Berlin underground, the rapper made her claim on its infamous techno scene, driven to create the perfect environment for lovers of the classics and the eccentric. Her drive and motivation grew into her manifesto. The message ISIS SALAM is putting out there, implemented in every piece of her work: “Everything I do – I do it for the love”.
And the love keeps on growing – now returning to the spotlight with her new project “BLK LUV”, a meditation on the often contradictory realities facing a non nor-atypical black female artist. “Black”; commonly associated with the negative and joy being its antithesis. ISIS SALAM yet again proves her vocal skills as well as her playful side and a desire for her music to have an impact. Powerful music, as diverse as her story of strife and self discovery.


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Film & TV
The Wrestler
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CSI Miami
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Awkward Betty


Tyree Cooper
Tyree Cooper is part of that first Global House music revolution that started in Chicago. His contribution to House Music and Acid House can not be matched by anyone and that’s what led him to help co-created a genre called Hip House alongside The DJ Fast Eddie which widened the appeal of House music worldwide.
Growing up on the streets of Chicago’s South Side Englewood Neighborhood , listening to Farley Jackmaster Funk and The Hot Mix 5, also Ronny Hardy and Frankie Knuckles. Fascinated by his mother’s and uncle’s music collection Tyree was well schooled in music at an early age. As a freshman he joined the Simeon H.S Concert and Marching Band where he attained his understanding of music. Tyree was also regarded as a well known Basketball player in the Chicago Public School, with aspirations of becoming a professional ball player someday. Upon graduating from high school Tyree went to the University Of Wisconsin-Stout in
Menomonie, Wis for a short time and then he would eventually transfer to Kennedy-King College in Chicago. Two years into college Tyree was soon becoming one of the most popular and highly sought after DJs in Chicago. Then Vince Lawrence, of the House band Jesse’s Gang (founded by Jesse Saunders) persuaded Tyree to put together a demo tape of his music to start a career as a recording artist.

From that point on , it was only a question of time before signing his first record deal with the  Chicago based record label D. J. International/Underground Records. Tyree’s first 12′′ – I Fear The Night (with female vocalist Chic) – promptly became an underground classic in Chicago. Other hits followed: Video Crash and Acid Crash (1987), Acid Over (1988), Turn Up The Bass (1988 / 89) where he would perform live on the United Kingdom’s Pop TV show called Top Of The Pops, Let’s Get Hyped (feat. Kool Rock Steady, 1989), Let the Music Take Control (1989) and Hardcore Hip House (1989) where he performed on Canada’s biggest TV called Much Music. Also , he has produced 4 studio albums within that time period and appeared on numerous compilations for the remainder of the 80’s decade. Around 1994, Tyree would begin to embark on his second wave in his musical career with releases on another Chicago based label named Dance Mania Records. Here is where Tyree has released 7 to 9 e.p’s with extreme high praise at that time under the title Tyree presents “Da Soul Revival” and also under the name “Future Reecoopd”. These E.P’s would help Tyree solidify himself into another genre that was being created in Chicago at this time called “Ghetto House”. He helped curate and nurtured this genre by releasing tracks that could still be heard around the world some 10 plus years later. In 1995, Da Soul Revival #3 would be released on Dance Manis with the lead title “Nuthin Wrong”. Originally a Hip House song Tyree used the track’s dub version for the 12″ as a filler track for the EP and quickly became an instant classic. A year and half later and after spending some time in Europe but mostly in Amsterdam, Holland Tyree wrote and recorded another signature track in his repertoire while sitting in Grey Area Coffeeshop called “Can I Git High” . This particular type of track had never been released before but helped open up the boundaries of “Marijuana” in the genre of House with his subject matter. Tyree would finish out the 90’s decade staying in Europe because he was doing multiple tours throughout the European continents. Once we celebrate the new Millennium Tyree decided to move to Berlin Germany to extend his already illustrious musical career. After his first year living in Berlin Germany Tyree was spinning at most of the top clubs in all of Germany. His production did not waver either. Tyree teamed up with his friend from Heilbron , Germany named Sebastion Krieg and they would produce a couple of floor burners. “Say Your Prayers” was a massive club hit in 2001. Then the next year in 2002, Tyree would release a mix compilation with Hustler Magazine which involved a big European/American tour. Plus numerous releases within that period. Also that year Tyree would team up with his friend Sebastion Krieg and wrote the smash hit “Groove You Out Tonight”. which was also featured in the first DJ playstation game called DJ Deck and EFX and Defected Records. In 2003. The music world took a slight shift in 2003 but that would not slow Tyree down. He started taking residencies if a few clubs  throughout Germany like in Koln, Munich, Dusseldorf .A couple of years went by so in 2005, Tyree collaborated with his longtime friends Afrika Islam and Eric D Clark to form the DJ Team called Three Black Pimps and would go on to tour with Axe Body Wash in France. Later on that year Afrika and Tyree would  continue the group as a duo. As well in 2005 , Tyree took up a club residency in Hamburg Germany named The China Club which lasted for two years. Tyree still
found time to release more music. One of the hottest that year was Da Soul Revival #7 with the lead track “Love” where he sampled one of his own productions “Acid Over”. “Love” appearedon Defected Records compilation.  In 2013, Tyree Cooper founded his own label: Chicago Vinyl Records with distribution from Juno Records UK. He’s had several releases since then. Tyree also released a few of Classic Hits from DJ International Records and Dance Mania Records.2014 would be another milestone in Tyree’s career. One of the world’s most famous clubs called OstGut their DJ named Ben Klock would release a mix compilation where he would license “Nuthin Wrong” at the time of the license , the track was already 10 years. He would also license the same track to Mojuba Records and it became 2014’s track of the year. In 2015, The House Of Paris who handles Paco Robanne 1 Million cologne would license a track in which it was a feature called “Wonderland” for their world wide promotion of the brand.
In between all the releases Tyree Cooper still has time to enjoy his passion DJing. He hosts a monthly night with Bobby Starrr at the famous Tresor club in Berlin, called E-Man-Ci-Pate. Also Tyree has been known to play and travel throughout the globe at such events as Glastonbury Festival UK, Amsterdam Dance Event, Concrete Paris, Mona Club Paris, Half Baked UK, Housepitality San Francisco and Evil Olive Chicago. In 2020, Tyree Cooper is regarded as one of the most influential international artists of the last three decades.

Bobby Starrr
Try Music – a Chiffre truly befitting Robert M. Stanley’s, a.k.a Bobby Starrr who as a solo artist continues to carve a niche and brands his Positivity style by collaborating with established, like-minded Berlin locals. Born in Wolverhampton, UK, shortly after the release of Donna Summer’s and Giorgio Moroder’s seminal disco hit “I Feel Love”. Bobby Starrr got hooked on mixing as a result of his mother’s fondness for Motown and Disco love songs and his Big Band Jazz advocating father ‘negotiating’ soundtrack for their weekend family road trips. Says Bobby Starrr: “I rediscovered the genres later as a teenager in Chicago House and Detroit Techno Soul and the likes of Derrick May, Colin Dale and Derrick Carter were the first idols that inspired me to try music.” Together with his first mentor Leigh Toro, he had his first success as a forward-thinking freestyle DJ and party creator at the age of 16 with his party franchise “Meltdown” which drew featured guests such as Andrea Parker (Mo’ Wax Records, London), Autechre (Warp Records, Manchester), DJ E.A.S.E. (Nightmares on Wax, Leeds), Jamie Hodge (Born Under A Rhyming Planet, New York), Luke Vibert (Ninja Tune, Cornwall) and in 1996 was placed into the Top 20 Clubs by N.M.E Magazine and recommended by Mixmaster Morris at Mixmag. Bobby Starrr soon made himself a name for discovering and supporting newcomer talents, genres and labels, applying the in-depth understanding of music history and evolution that he gained by learning the trade from scratch via student jobs in record stores, as a promoter and as an avid reader of music-related literature. Before moving to Austria, Stanley acted as Head of Dance Department at Mike Lloyds Music,
renowned as the spiritual home of indie music lovers in the West-Midlands, England. In Vienna, he worked with Umberto Gollini (Cheap Records) and  Jeremiah (Grow! Records) and branded his first-party franchises.
A trip to Chicago in 2003 resulted in his debut releases (as The Starrrs and Mr. Bob Angel) for the family of record labels owned by Jordan Fields (Headphoniq, Mo Wax) and shortly afterwards also for Detroit’s very own Mr Telephone man Terrence Parker’s label Parker Music Works (Bobby Starrr presents Secret  Nerve) with a remake of Fleetwood Mac ́s World Turning. Since 2007 to today, he has collaborated with long-term friend Tyree Cooper as Jack The Box, while both holding down residencies at two of Berlin’s most legendary clubs Tresor and Kater Holzig (former Bar25). Their flawless track record of successful parties has garnered Jack The Box a distinguished reputation with a high calibre of the guest-DJs they invited, e.g. Farley Jackmaster Funk (Chicago), Pal Joey  (NYC), Terrence Parker (Detroit), Rob Mello (London), Nicholas (Italy) Supa DJ Dmitry of Deee-lite (NYC), Lil Louse (Chicago). Maurice Joshua (Chicago) and K-Alexi (Chicago).

From 2009 to 2015 Bobby Starrr curated a weekly radio show for Sweatlodge Radio every Wednesday from Yuma Bar in Berlin-Neukölln, inviting his DJ friends from around the world to perform live and direct via online-stream from Paris, Amsterdam and Helsinki. After releases on Save The Black Beau y and Irma  Records, Bobby grounded Hypernatural.Berlin in 2019 with his studio buddies at their creative space in Neukölln, Berlin as an outlet to bring back positive education through sharing experiences, deep discussions and international collaborations through the medium of sound and visual Art.



From the Outside

Release Date : April 20, 2021
Artist : Jack the Box
Genre : house
Catalog ref. : HYNLD010
Format : Digital Download

With the whole world opening up to the benefits of THC & CBD, it’s time to put down your alcohol and spark up a joint and think where we are all going after Covid19 is over. This twisted humourful vocal collaboration brings Jack The Box together with Canada ́s very own Mary Jane loving Queen of Comedy and Musical funkiness, Isis Salam. With both Tyree and Isis flowing freestyle raps over the joys of toking while hanging out with friends the forthcoming Neukölln / Kreuzberg filmed Music Video of `HAVE SOME FUN ́ will complete the visual picture with Balloons and Spider Man included for a specially infused Herbalised trip into HipHouse!