Press Release

The Berlin-based dynamic duo De Wolt serves their debut EP ‘You and High” on the upcoming Berlin label Hypernatural Recordings. A story of romantic love in the toxic club life of Berlin, hardcore scenes in stinky toilets, and dark days.

In the retro-futuristic ´You and High’ EP their intimate songs are surrounded by a mist of synth-infused grooves, powered by electric guitars and funky riffs. The tale of this dreamy, 80’s influenced sounds begins the EP with a sci-fi vibe of `Away’ and then takes us into an arpeggiated new wave feel of the uplifting `Clear Fog´ –  “Nothing can’t stop you now”. `Go With The Wind` fuses rock’n’roll vibe with a Latin groove while `You and High` rounds everything up with an atmospheric broken heart ballad.

Despite the gloomy atmosphere of the tracks, which can on the first impression come across as pessimistic, what the EP truly communicates is hope. After a fall there is no other way but up.

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Artist : De Wolt
Genre : Synth pop
Catalog ref. : HYNL001
Format : Digital Download

“Lost And Found In Berlin” is a double side Album LP where De Wolt show us their most personal and also eclectic side in their – nowadays uncommon – debut concept album.