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Hypernatural.Berlin is at Berlin – the place to be.
Berlin – the place to be
Feeling Dizzy delves into the artist's more eccentric side. With its repetitive yet hypnotic melody, intense and obsessive rhythm, and discordant harmonies, the song embodies the influence of decadent literature and existential music that have shaped Di Puma over the years.
The remix is handled by Bobby Starrr who’s in his own style delivers an intense trip for dancehall lovers with groove bass sounds and sustained rhythm kissed by emotional melodies. The beautiful treatment he gives to vocal lines enhance its energy and it’s like having a conversation with Stefano Di Puma himself while dancing on the beat.
These songs are raw and genuine, capturing moments of excitement, emancipation, disorientation, and ambiguity. Stefano Di Puma's artistry lies in his ability to navigate between extremes and present the two sides of the same coin. His music invites listeners to experience the bigger picture, embracing the dualities that shape our existence.
With the release of the "Self Aware EP," Stefano Di Puma marks a significant milestone in his musical journey, establishing himself as a captivating indie rock artist with a unique perspective and a boundless passion for exploration.
Artwork @stefanodipuma photo @mari.vass.photography.berlin
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SELF AWARE by Stefano Di Puma!! the ep is out!
If you didn't listen to it yet run to your favorite music platform and push that play button!!
OUR NEW RELEASE IS OUT // WE ARE PROUDLY PRESENTING double single "SELF AWARE EP"!! LISTEN HERE!! hypernatural.lnk.to/selfawareep

Stefano Di Puma declare “This release couldn’t be possible without the contribution of many people who I thank from the bottom of my heart, working on music together, as a team effort, is the best feeling possible and it is what I want to do:

Nevo Ron for preproduction and solo guitars on “Self Aware” and for allowing me to record with his bass guitar made by Nevo Ron himself, Copo Solari for arpeggiator with the mighty prophet, Bobby Starrr and MoOdY KabLaWi for working with me on the arpeggiator sound, bassist Bernhard Meyer from Melt Trio for a fantastic job on Feeling Dizzy, Pier Ciaccio for hammer drums on both tracks, Bobby Starrr from Jack The Box and @ayjaynils for honoring my tracks with their splendid remixes, Nìcola Mazzocchi for consult, nrec for such an amazing job on production and mixing, Pete Maher Mastering for mastering my tracks and the support he gives to independent artists (check him out) and my label buddy Danny Kotz for the master of the remixes!”
Photo 📸 by Mari Vass

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"SELF AWARE" by Stefano Di Puma

Hypernatural Recordings is proud to present the debut release of a new polyhedric artist: Stefano Di Puma's music raises from the deepest ocean of the mind, leading through an intimate, psychological journey in a stream of consciousness of images and emotions.

Starting his music discovery journey from radio and pop radio hits he says: “I remember myself sitting in front of the radio with my finger ready to press record on my parents stereo tape”. Later he approaches grunge and pop, classical, folk, new soul, jazz and electronic. His music experience is wide and complex resulting in two kicking tunes, a radio hit and a weird allucination R&Bish stream of consciousness.

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Hypernatural.Berlin updated their cover photo.
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