Starrr vs Mamasweed is the House music production collaboration of the Berlin based band Mamasweed and Bobby Starrr.

We have some special news growing concerning a music cover Bobby Starrr produced with the band, Mamasweed. Originally the collaboration produced the track a few years back as a follow up to the underground hit ‘Jam, Jam, Jam (All Night Long)’ released on Save The Black Beauty Records. They have now flipped those recordings once more to give an extra love to the original text of James “Sugar Boy” Crawford’s Jock-A-Mo’ which came out back in 1954.

“The first Jock-A.-Mo sessions came together during 2016 after a Jack The Box party at Kater Holzig and with the history of the song and it’s meaning running very deep, we are happy to release this song now and for every other Mardi Gras”  say Starrr

Outside New Orleans, most folks think either Dr John’s version or by the Dixie Cups is the original, sadly the truth is way deeper than that… 

2021 and having solid contacts with several players from the New Orleans Jazz scene and Grandson of the original writer, Davell Crawford too, Starrr vs Mamasweed are planning a few missions to bring the true story properly to life ready for Mardi Gras as a shining light through these difficult times.

Says Bobby Starrr: 

“Since meeting the band back in 2006, I’ve been a happy supporter of their krautrock tendencies with Led Zep grooves. During one of our Jack The Box parties, we connected once more and came up with more challenging but fun ways of working together as a unit. On Jock-A-Mo,  we focused on the bass groove of a streetparty and loop delays on the vocals to remind us of freedom during these difficult times.” 


1- Bobby Starrr vs Mamasweed – Jock-A-Mo (Radio Edit)

2- Bobby Starrr vs Mamasweed – Jock-A-Mo (Extended Version)

3- Bobby Starrr vs Mamasweed – Jock-A-Mo (Feet Heaters Warm 303 Remix)

Private Soundcloud Link – Bobby Starrr vs Mamasweed – Jock-A-Mo with Remixes

Mamasweed Press Pics – Mamasweed Press Pics

Bobby Starrr vs Mamasweed – Jock-A-Mo –  Artwork 


Written by James ‘Sugar Boy’ Crawford And His Cane Cutters in 1954 on Checker Records

Performed by Mamasweed (Gogo, Kayki, Shorty, Oli,  Arne, Gabe, Morea and Kristina) and Bobby Starrr in 2021 in Berlin, Germany.

Additional Music Production and Arrangement by Mamasweed and Bobby Starrr for Hypernatural Recordings in 2021

Artwork & Art Copywrite by Christelle Lafosse, Berlin 2021

Extra special thanks to Devell Crawford, Slim Williams, Stefan Seelenwald, Howie B, Terry Farley and Christelle Lafosse for their patience, knowledge and skills.