DJ and House music producer Dickey Doo collaborates with Gospel Soul vocalist Jamecia Bennett of the 3 times Grammy-winning Sounds Of Blackness.

A mutual contact brought together Berlin-based, Canadian born DJ / Producer Dickey Doo together with the daughter of Ann Nesby, Miss Jamecia Bennett, who is currently the lead female vocalist of Minneapolis based Sounds Of Blackness. Based around the passionate vocal statements of Jamecia and a classic 90s House groove laid down by Dickey, ‘Do What You Want’ is a call out to support those who feel pain but make a stance for what they believe in even if they get singled out for being different. Just like Jamecia says about the writing of the song, “I want this to be a theme song for anything that you want to get out of your life. I referred to a past relationship and how sometimes we allow feelings, and those people to linger even when promises and boundaries are broken and overstepped. We have the power to say NO! Do what you want, I don’t care!!!!! We have the power to say no to whatever we are going through!EVEN COVID GET THE FUNK OUT OF MY LIFE!!!! 

Hypernatural Recordings releases ‘Do What You Like’ on 8th January 2021 digitally 


1.Dickey Doo + Jamecia Bennett – Do What You Want

2.Dickey Doo + Jamecia Bennett – Do What You Want (Radio Edit)

Vocals – Jamecia Bennett 

Piano and Strings – Snax

Arranged and Produced by Dickey Doo

Mixed by Georg Stuby

3.Do What You Want – Bobby Starrr & Danny Kotz’s Hypernatural Berlin Vocal Mix

Hypernatural Berlin’s very own Bobby Starrr & Danny Kotz of the band De Wolt take the vocal talents of Jamecia into an all-out hot and steamy club affair, matching the original’s very own energy levels to drive their Remix, they combined live jams & percussion while tweaking that deep bassline into a heavyweight soulful trip

4.Do What You Want – The Space Dub

5.Do What You Want – The Tribal Dub

Dickey Doo works his original parts on the final two mixes. His Space Dub and Trible Dub gives homage to Miami’s Murk boys with their funky & progressive Big-Room sound,which still sounds a fresh and relevant take in House music today, as it did in the early 90s on labels such as Junior boys Own Records, Nervous Records & Tribal Records from back in the day.

Produced and Mixed by Dickey Doo