Art Work JTB Heat Remixes Pt2

Release #4-5: Jack The Box – Heat Remixes EP I and II

Coming straight off the debut contemporary LP ‘SIDE A’, ‘HEAT’ is one of the standout vocal tracks featuring the Gospel and Soul talents of Mandel Turner’s vocals combined with JTB’s own Hip-Hop House Legend Tyree Cooper. Think of a Berlin club setting at 5 am with sweat dripping off the ceiling, folks jackin’ next to the bass bins and the morning sunshine appearing through the darkened windows. HEAT is dedicated to the cosmopolitan House Dancers around the world. Jack The Box approached their close friends and extended family to precipitate in reworking HEAT.

HEAT Remixes Part I

features Bristol’s very own Househead Lil Mark on the stripped-down ‘Back 4 More’ which originally was an answer to the many instrumental throw-away tracks at the time so it’s poignant that this once again mission statement is touched upon and first in this pack.Chicago’s Paul Johnson doesn’t need much of an introduction as he’s a bonafide House Legend, either through his own THC infused production skills or from the words spoken by Daft Punk on their Homework track ‘Teachers’. Paul aka ‘PJ’ known to his Southside fam’ rocks it with all the energy and power of the BLM movement with subtle 303 tweaks to good measure.

HEAT Remixes Part II

Through the years Tyree Cooper has touched every area of House music from back in 1984 to 2020, so it’s no surprise to hear his tuff and jazzy funkiness come through on his take on HEAT, adding classic soulful chords brings this vibe into a different territory which seeps true Chicago and the core elements from the founding city of House.

From one JTB brother to another, Bobby Starrr teams up with his downstairs neighbour Irishman Wayne Duggan to produce a mix which breaks down the paranoia and tensions of the COVID 19 lockdown into the deja vu emotions of the lost dancefloors of today. A Stipped down tight groove which reminds the listener of what we are currently missing in 2020.

Says Bobby Starrr: “HEAT came about straight after we had one of those crazy cool long DJ sessions at the Bar 25 born Kater Holzig, from Midnight to 8 am is truly a trip for the DJ to express himself and combined with a giant but warm sound and a Battlestar Galactica booth with space for the whole extended family made this inspiration easy to come by. I truly wonder if these times will come back”