Release #12 – From the Outside

Bobby Starrr is the Artist alas of Robert M. Stanley, English Born, Vienna raised and Berlin-based House DJ / Producer and one half of House Duo ‘Jack The Box’ together with Chicago’s Tyree Cooper. 

Back in August 2016, Bobby landed for three days in Beirut to perform at the legendary B018 club to promote his recent LP as Jack TheBox with Tyree Cooper. Over lots of Lebanese hospitality, Studio visits and Radio Interviews a strong bromance was created between host and promoter Marc Haddad aka Stereokultur and Bobby with the intention of growing the Berlin-Beirut connection in the same vane as Bobby’s previous Jack The Box missions in Amsterdam, Helsinki and Paris. 

Over a few months, the beginnings of tracks were forming via online sessions and F2F meetings in Bobby basement studio in Kreuzberg, several vocalists were discussed but Marc was convinced by seeing Laura Lopez perform live several times at the Discobanana parties in his city so It only made sense to him to ask Laura and no other.

‘From The Outside’ is a hymn for change, from the lips of Laura’s heartfelt voice to the political tensions brewing in Lebanon holding back any more appearances in Beirut while combined with the wait and want of physical freedom over the months of Corona lockdown this EP was reborn for 2021

“Beirut totally tantalised me to the point I wanted to go back and work with the wonderful people I had met there, Stereokultur and myself created a mini LPs worth of ideas and had already planned to work with local vocalists in Arabic and English and record them in a superb downtown studio near the bay, sadly through a lot of mad ass moments in history, spanners were thrown into these works and the positive energy wanned. Bring on CoVid & 2020 and a need to escape outside our apartments and houses brought us back to the emotions of Laura’s vocals and the drive to complete this movement for change” says Starrr

From The Outside – Radio Mix & DJ Vocal Mix

Dreaming of better places, breathing in fresh forest air with all the range of fragrances of Mother nature. Whirling high hats, MPC quantised percussion and captivating chords create a tension for that ‘in the moment’ feeling as Laura Lopez delivers a heartbreaker performance for change

From The Outside – Stereokultur Remix

Tightened up Dancefloor Dub from one of Beirut’s Arabic House Collective founders, pulsating stabs, phat bass loops bring a different robotic styled House edge which feels just like Paris’s  Phil Weeks in a heavenly jackin’ mood perfect for this soiree.

From The Outside – Ukko aka DJ Upi Remix

Jack The Box‘s long-term Helsinki collaborator returns in 2021 with a mix suited for the big room with epic strings, bass stabs and looped vocals which fully shines of the progressive vibes of the  Murk Boys back in Miami ‘92.

From The Outside – Moody Kablawi & Bobby Starrr Remix

Moody shows Bobby how to loosen his House clothes and reel back to body poppin’ in 1982 for some Electro Boogie action. Extra male backing vocals, funked-up Guitars licks and an even fuller and longer bassline melody bubbles away.


Original version written & produced by Bobby Starrr

Lyrics written and performed by Laura Herrmann Lopez aka LAURAW

Original Painting & Artwork by David Johnson ( ) Stourbridge 2021 Design by Stefano Di Puma, Berlin 2021