Release #11 – Remixes EP

After De Wolt released two EPs in the last year and while preparing for the release of their full length album in autumn, they are proudly presenting ‘De Wolt Remixes EP’ here on Hypernatural Recordings. In this EP De Wolt are coming back to their dancefloor roots with 6 DJ friendly remixes to their songs by various guest artists, ment for different moments on the dancefloor. 

Danny Kotz: “We always saw our music as a crossover between electronic dance music and the indie world so it’s very important for us to give some love back to the DJs and the dancefloor and have our music played also in the clubs.”

“Nothing can’t stop you now” Dickey Doo’s Remix of ‘Clear Fog’ keeps the 80’s like aesthetic of the original song and focuses on certain parts of the lyrics and the bassline with a hypnotic percussive groove and a ‘Pet Shop Boys’-like choir pad in the background. It keeps on pushing forward while keeping the dancer at the party in an almost trance-like meditative state.

Nrec’s Remix to ‘Music Hunters’ takes the song from the domain of Retro sounding synth wave Pop, and transforms it into a big stage festival dance anthem. With an edgy modern sound and a tight production, this remix is playful, charming and ambitious. While it reinterprets the arrangement of the song into something new, it still manages to keep the spirit of the original alive within.

Mark Jackus also remixes ‘Clear Fog’ and turns it into an open air slow burner, perfect for those early morning sunrise moments when all the people on the dancefloor are feeling as one. Focusing on the arpeggios of the song as a focal point, the mix keeps on building and blending layers and textures that gives it an almost mystical depth.

Danny Kotz of De Wolt and the third of the Hypernatural label team strips down ‘Our Love Is Gone’ into a slow acid burning intense trip. Focusing on the synth layers of the song with a top up of light percussions and a repetitive 303-like low bassline that is gradually revealed throughout the track. This mix almost sounds like it has been taken from a 90’s car racing video game, and we all know what is the prize for those who make it to the finish line ‘wink wink’.

Hypernatural Recording’s very own House head and half of Jack The Box, Bobby Starrr flips ‘Music Hunters’ into a newer territory he calls ‘Circus House’, a style he formed during his time in Vienna. Looping the bassline in a lockgroove fashion and adding layers of latin percussion takes the original from it’s New Wave sound into a trippy Berlin Cabaret vibe which feels like a scene set in the deepest German forest while chasing unicorns all night long. Get your hunt on!

While using her own inventive technique of textures overlapping, Nina Pixel closes up the EP and transforms ‘Our Love Is Gone’ into an ambient modern classic noise piece of art, intriguing, deep and enigmatic. Just like in real life relationships, she is flowing between harmony and disharmony, tension and relief, which keeps the evident question open… is our love really gone?

Credits Artwork & Art Copyright Stefano Di Puma, Berlin 2021

Danny Kotz Bio

Danny Kotz is a Musician,  Producer and DJ/Live act residing in Berlin. Originating  from Jerusalem, in the last 15 years Danny has been known for his incursions into the deep end of spacious minimal techno and deep house. His fascinating driven, up lifting live sets and his unique and sometime peculiar electronic production style is blending between his love for analog synths, digital sound design and his background as a jazz keyboard player. As a multi versatile musician you can find in his musical resume productions which are ranging between club oriented music made for the dancefloor, electro, synth pop and experimental avantguard. 

In the past 15 years Danny has been constantly touring and performing around Berlin and Europe’s leading clubs, and releasing music under different aliases and labels. He had also been collaborating with other artists as well. One of these interesting projects was a collaboration with Dj Magit Cacoon that resulted in a Remixes EP to the album Voyage 34 of the legendary musician Steven Wilson and his band Porcupine Tree. 

The music video of the title track of his last EP “Reject” on “made of CONCRETE” was supported by Kompakt records and had been constantly reposted on their social media channels. The release received positive reviews in various platforms such as Groove magazine XlR8R,  When we dip, and Beatport.

Danny’s music was as well supported and played by major Djs such as  Laurent Garnier, Felix Da Housecat, Nicole Moudaber, Terrence Parker, Ejeca,  Richie Hawtin, Agoria,  And Charlotte De Wette just to name a few.

Nina Pixel Bio

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Pre-apocalyptic fairy tales, emotional topography of personal landscapes, the archaeology of the human soul. Narcotic journey into the noisy rites and industrial myths of our dark corners. Nina Pixel works with sonic dirt, sampled poems and dark techno applying her personal introspection into soundscapes resembling industrial structures and field recordings.

Bobby Starrr Bio

BSP – Photoshoot – press release&media

Try Music – a Chiffre truly befitting Robert M. Stanley’s, a.k.a Bobby Starrr who as a solo artistcontinues to carve a niche and brands his Positivity style by collaborating with established,

like-minded Berlin locals for Hypernatural Recordings and spreading further afield with his

International network in North America and Europe

Born in Wolverhampton, UK, shortly after the release of Donna Summer’s and Giorgio

Moroder’s seminal disco hit “I Feel Love”. Bobby Starrr got hooked on mixing as a result of his

mother’s fondness for Motown and Disco love songs and his Big Band Jazz advocating father

‘negotiating’ soundtrack for their weekend family road trips.

Says Bobby Starrr: “I rediscovered the genres later as a teenager in Chicago House and Detroit

Techno Soul and the likes of Derrick May, Colin Dale and then later with Chicago’s Derrick

Carter and DJ Sneak were the first idols that inspired me to try music.”

Together with his first mentor Leigh Toro, he had his first success as a forward-thinking freestyle

DJ and party creator at the age of 16 with his party franchise “Meltdown” which drew featured

guests such as Andrea Parker (Mo’ Wax Records, London), Autechre (Warp Records,

Manchester), DJ E.A.S.E. (Nightmares on Wax, Leeds), Jamie Hodge (Born Under A Rhyming

Planet, New York), Luke Vibert (Ninja Tune, Cornwall) and in 1996 was placed into the Top 20

Clubs by N.M.E Magazine and recommended by Mixmaster Morris at Mixmag.

Bobby Starrr soon made himself a name for discovering and supporting newcomer talents,genres and labels, applying the in-depth understanding of music history and evolution that he gained by learning the trade from scratch via student jobs in record stores, as a promoter and as an avid reader of music-related literature.

Before moving to Austria, Stanley acted as Head of Dance Department at Mike Lloyds Music,renowned as the spiritual home of indie music lovers in the West-Midlands, England.

In Vienna, he worked with Umberto Gollini (Cheap Records) and Jeremiah (Grow! Records) and branded his first-party franchises with his team under the name Royal Flush together with support from Vienna’s FM4.

A trip to Chicago in 2003 resulted in his debut releases (as The Starrrs and Mr. Bob Angel) for the family of record labels owned by Jordan Fields (Headphoniq, Mo Wax Records) and shortly afterwards also for Detroit’s very own Mr Telephone man Terrence Parker’s label Parker Music Works (Bobby Starrr presents Secret Nerve) with a remake of Fleetwood Mac ́s World Turning.

From 2007 to today, he has collaborated with long-term friend and business partner Tyree Cooper as Jack The Box, while both holding down residencies at two of Berlin’s most legendary clubs Tresor and Kater Holzig (former Bar25). Their flawless track record of successful parties has garnered Jack The Box a distinguished reputation with a high calibre of the guest-DJs they invited, e.g. Farley Jackmaster Funk (Chicago), Pal Joey (NYC), Terrence Parker (Detroit), Rob Mello (London), Nicholas (Italy) Supa DJ Dmitry of Deee-lite (NYC), Lil Louis (Chicago). Maurice Joshua (Chicago) and K-Alexi Shelby (Chicago).

From 2009 to 2015 Bobby Starrr curated a weekly radio show for Sweatlodge Radio every Wednesday from Yuma Bar in Berlin-Neukölln, inviting his DJ friends from around the world to perform live and direct via online-stream from Paris, Amsterdam and Helsinki.

Nrec Bio

I’m an Italian musician, producer and sound engineer based in Berlin, Germany.

My journey as recording / mixing engineer and record producer has started in Italy in 2005 and since then I’ve worked with tons of artists from all around the world and hopped on very diverse projects, for my own label Tuna Records and for different major/indie labels.

I work as a freelance producer and also with Denise Audio (making the most fuckoff audio plugins out there) and with the Chinese label Modern Sky.

My musical education started at young age and was massively influenced by many different factors: the endless amount of great music from the family collection (symphonic, rhythm and blues, soul, blues, prog, rock, folk), the Conservatory years (studying both classical piano with Carlo Benedetti and classical guitar with Claudio Marcotulli), the angry days of Metal, the experimental urge thru IDM and electronica, my experience in a mixing/production workshop with Tchad Blake (Peter Gabriel, The Bad Plus, Pearl Jam)… Ultimately my never-ending lust for discovery.

Dickey Doo Bio

Over the last three decades, DJ Dickey (Doo) has established an international reputation,

from headlining the Castro Street Fair in San Francisco, to World Pride in Toronto to the

legendary parties of Berlin, his home base since 2010.

After building up a career as a vital fixture in the Canadian nightlife scene, Dickey has

fulfilled booking requests all around the globe bringing his blend of house and disco

drama to new audiences the world over.

On the production front, Dickey released his first solo album Nocturnal Adventures,

under the moniker DixMix, in 2004. His dance floor expertise and production knowledge

have brought the opportunities to officially remix the likes of R.E.M, Peaches, and Amanda

Lepore to name a few.

2016 thru 2018 saw him with 3 releases on NYC's Get Up Recordings, along with many

other projects.

2019 releases included the international hit “Happy” produced with frequent collaborator

Snax ,sung by Mavin and featuring NYC legend Lady Bunny!

2020 saw releases on prestigious Canadian label RF as well as the international smash

“Do What you Want” featuring 3 time Grammy Award winner Jamecia Bennett released on

Berlin label Hypernatural Recordings.

Aside from taking time out to score music for various film projects and many television series, Dickey continues to be seen and heard on dance floors the world over.