Foto of artist Bobby Starrr

Bobby Starrr

Try Music – a Chiffre truly befitting Robert M. Stanley’s, a.k.a Bobby Starrr who as a solo artist continues to carve a niche and brands his Positivity style by collaborating with established, like-minded Berlin locals. 

Born in Wolverhampton, UK, shortly after the release of Donna Summer’s and Giorgio Moroder’s seminal disco hit “I Feel Love”. Bobby Starrr got hooked on mixing as a result of his mother’s fondness for Motown and Disco love songs and his Big Band Jazz advocating father ‘negotiating’ soundtrack for their weekend family road trips. 

Says Bobby Starrr: “I rediscovered the genres later as a teenager in Chicago House and Detroit Techno Soul and the likes of Derrick MayColin Dale and Derrick Carter were the first idols that inspired me to try music.” 

Together with his first mentor Leigh Toro, he had his first success as a forward-thinking freestyle DJ and party creator at the age of 16 with his party franchise “Meltdown” which drew featured guests such as Andrea Parker (Mo’ Wax Records, London)Autechre (Warp Records, Manchester)DJ E.A.S.E. (Nightmares on Wax, Leeds)Jamie Hodge (Born Under A Rhyming Planet, New York), Luke Vibert (Ninja Tune, Cornwall) and in 1996 was placed into the Top 20 Clubs by N.M.E Magazine and recommended by Mixmaster Morris at Mixmag

Bobby Starrr soon made himself a name for discovering and supporting newcomer talents, genres and labels, applying the in-depth understanding of music history and evolution that he gained by learning the trade from scratch via student jobs in record stores, as a promoter and as an avid reader of music-related literature. 

Before moving to Austria, Stanley acted as Head of Dance Department at Mike Lloyds Music, renowned as the spiritual home of indie music lovers in the West-Midlands, England. 

In Vienna, he worked with Umberto Gollini (Cheap Records) and Jeremiah (Grow! Records) and branded his first-party franchises. A trip to Chicago in 2003 resulted in his debut releases (as The Starrrs and Mr. Bob Angel) for the family of record labels owned by Jordan Fields (Headphoniq, Mo Wax) and shortly afterwards for Detroit’s very own Mr Telephone man Terrence Parker’s label Parker Music Works (Bobby Starrr presents Secret Nerve) 

Since 2007 he collaborates with Tyree Cooper as Jack The Box, holding down residencies at two of Berlin’s most legendary clubs Tresor and Kater Holzig (former Bar25). Their flawless track record of successful parties has garnered Jack The Box a distinguished reputation with a high calibre of the guest-DJs they invited, e.g. Farley Jackmaster Funk (Chicago), Pal Joey (New York), Terrence Parker (Detroit), Rob Mello (London), Nicholas (Italy) Supa DJ Dmitry of Deee-lite (Kiev), Lil Louse (Chicago). Maurice Joshua (Chicago) and K-Alexi (Chicago). 

From 2009 to 2015 Bobby Starrr curated a weekly radio show for Sweatlodge Radio every Wednesday from Yuma Bar in Berlin-Neukölln, inviting his DJ friends from around the world to perform live and direct via online-stream from Paris, Amsterdam and Helsinki.